Beatron TP2000 Job Clock and Time Stamp

Reliable, Intuitive Job Costing and Time Stamping.

When your company needs the reliability and accuracy of a Seiko time stamp without the price tag, we recommend the Beatron TP2000.

Purchase Main Product – £249.0.00 + VAT

Spare Ribbon Cassettes – £16.50 + VAT each

Manufactured in the same facility as the Seiko TP-20, the Beatron TP2000 combines all the reliability and functionality of its Seiko-branded counterparts, but without the brand name price tag, making it perfect for cost-conscious businesses who won’t compromise on price.

Perfect for garages, hospitals and any time-sensitive workplaces, the Beatron TP2000 allows you to record when a product or patient arrives, how long is spent on a project, and when work is completed. This allows for accurate job costing on time-based services, and for accurate record keeping for time-sensitive products and samples.

Take advantage of affordable accuracy with the Beatron TP2000.


  • Reliable, affordable date and time stamp
  • Manufactured by Seiko using TP-50 technology
  • Ideal for warranty work, accurate job costing and hospitals
  • Prints Date/Time in many different formats
  • Back Light enabling easy reading
  • Display Hours AM/PM 24Hours
  • Automatic or manual printing
  • Automatic BST/GMT changeover