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Electronic time attendance recorders available throughout the UK

Back in 1985 when we started Cotswold Recording Systems, we wanted to provide what we felt was (and still is) required, better customer service in the distribution of time recorders and clocking on machines as they are known.

So, with this in mind, we took a close look at the time and attendance and time recording companies to see how they were distributing time recording machines, along with the associated equipment i.e. time cards/racks.

Buy Time Attendance Recorders Online

We strongly feel that customer satisfaction is paramount. We have designed a new and easy to use website

Our website will help you to choose the time/attendance recorder that is best for your company; choose from a wide range of biometric, proximity and time card attendance machines. We have also opened a new mail-order department to offer you a better service when you order your system from our website.

Time Tracking Systems by Cotswold Recording Systems

As long-established specialists in the fields of time tracking and attendance recording, we stock a wide variety of electronic clocking in machines which enable our clients to better manage and track their time.

We can supply the following time recorders and clocking-in machines:

  • Badge Swipe Systems
  • Electronic Time and Attendance Clocks
  • Stand Alone Calculating Machine
  • Job Costing
  • Time and Date Stamps
  • Time Cards and Racks
  • Ink Ribbon Cassettes for all types Time Recorders

Contact Cotswold Recording Systems

If you are looking into attendance at your company and considering investing in clocking in or time tracking equipment, talk to Cotswold Recording Systems. We supply a wide range of electronic attendance and time recording equipment to businesses of all sizes across the UK.