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We Supply Clocking In Machines, Clock Card Time Recorders, and Biometric Time Recording Systems across the UK

Time is money. We understand how important it is to keep an accurate track of your employees’ performance in today’s fast-paced business environment. Based in the UK, Cotswold Recording Systems offer reliable clocking-in machines and Time Recorders nationwide, helping companies improve their employees’ records with top-of-the-range time and attendance systems.

For over 20 years, we have helped hospitals, schools, large offices and small businesses all over the UK improve their payroll data and make the most of their working hours with accurate and reliable employee time clocking-in machines. We have provided a range of electronic time recording systems such as clocking-in machines and time and attendance recording systems to thousands of satisfied customers.

We do not just improve your employee time keeping – we improve relationships in the workplace.

Our electronic time recording systems help you keep accurate attendance and productivity records and improve your employees’ performance. By using electronic employee time clocking-in machines to record attendance and time spent on each project, patient or customer, you’ll be able to accurately judge how efficient and effective your workforce is and develop ways of improving productivity accordingly. That means our time recording systems not only update your time, attendance and payroll records, but also help your business grow!

Our electronic employee time clocking-in machines also help you to access accurate time and attendance records in case of any disputes and successfully resolve issues that come up due to lateness or poor attendance. Don’t waste any more time; make things easier for you and your business. If your business is based in the UK get in touch with us today. Install our time and attendance systems to maximise your employees’ productivity and improve your work relationships.

Make the most of your time and money by calling 0800 633 5968 now. We’ll discuss your business’ requirements and recommend the right time tracking equipment. We have clocking-in machines to suit everyone, from card time recorders and proximity recorders to biometric fingerprint scanners.

Our Products

Our wide range of time recording systems includes biometric, proximity and time card attendance recorders of the highest standard. We supply the biggest brands such as Needtek, Beatron and Max and we bring you the leading employee time clocking in machine, the Seiko QR395 Calculating Time Recorder.

Calculating Time Recorders

Simple, compact and reliable, our time recorders effectively calculate the hours worked and record late-in/early-out employee attendance with precision. They also include features such as auto-feed and auto-eject of the time cards and a flexible selection between 3-pay periods, depending on your company payroll policy (monthly, weekly, bi-weekly). Check our selection of time card recorders here.

Traditional Clocking In Machines Across the UK

Automatic and accurate, these traditional, real-time clocking-in machines are ideal for large working environments, such as factories or warehouses. Our efficient computer time recorders automatically register employees’ attendance and update the installed computer software. They can also add up the hours worked automatically and spot inconsistencies against your company policy, such as lateness or absence. We also provide ribbon cassettes and time cards at competitive prices. For more information, check our employee clocking-in machines here.

PC Linked Clocking In Machine UK

Robust and easy to use, we offer an array of PC electronic time capture systems which include a variety of features, such as key fob systems, time/date stamps and the latest technology in biometric, fingerprint clocking in machines. The fingerprint clocking-in machines are made in the UK for businesses and professionals and will give you accurate records of your employees’ attendance and clock-in/out which you can directly download and export. Find out more about the variety of our PC-Linked systems and choose the one that is appropriate for your business here.

Contact us today for more information on our clocking-in machines and time card recorders and receive a prompt, no-obligation response.

Thanks to our industry-leading time clocking in machines available across the UK, we save your business time, and money, whilst increasing productivity and the ability to effectively manage your employees’ time rates. With market leading clocking in technology, you won’t want to use another process to track the clocking in times of your employees – and you’ll be pressed to find a more comprehensive, accurate, and simple system in the UK. Scalable for seamless functionality between small, medium, and large businesses, our clocking in machines are the ideal implementation to your workplace to maximise efficiency.