Time is money. That’s not just a phrase; it’s a fact of the modern business environment. Ensuring your employees are using their time effectively is key to succeeding in the modern, fast-paced market. Our wide range of electronic clocking in machines, including biometric, proximity and time card attendance recorders, will help you do just that.

Increase Productivity, Reduce DisputesTime recorders and clocking in machines allow you to accurately keep track of how your employees use their time. By using electronic clocking in systems to record attendance and the time spent on each project, patient or customer, you’ll be able to accurately judge how efficient and effective your workforce is before developing ways of improving productivity.

Due to electronic attendance tracking, you’ll also have access to accurate time records in the case of any disputes, helping you to resolve any issues that arise because of lateness or poor attendance.

Two Decades of Accurate Timekeeping at your Disposal

For over 20 years, we’ve helped companies and organisations in a wide range of sectors to make the best use of their time. From hospitals to garages, we’ve provided a range of electronic time tracking systems, including clocking in machines and time attendance recorders, to thousands of satisfied customers.

You can make use of our professional expertise and experience by calling 0800 633 5968 now. We’ll discuss your business’ requirements, and recommend the right time tracking equipment. We have clocking-in systems to suit everyone, from time cards and proximity recorders to biometric fingerprint scanners.

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