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Seiko QR395

ONLY £245 ! The market benchmark for Employee Time Calculations

Calculates the hours worked either Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly, for this you need a name you can trust. For companies all around the work, that name is Seiko.

Purchase Main Product – £245.00 + VAT

Spare Ribbon Cassettes – £18.50 + VAT each

Time Cards (Ref – VN395) – £9.99 + VAT per 100

Seiko is the market leader in the field of clocking in machinery, and the Seiko QR395 sets the standard for accuracy and reliability. Able to track the attendance of up to 100 employees over a week, fortnight or month, the Seiko QR395 uses bar-coded time cards to ensure accuracy and prevent over stamping.

This set-and-forget clocking in machine will track any absences or repeated lateness that could cost your company money, allowing you to keep track of your workforce with complete accuracy. The QR395 will tally up the number of hours that an employee has worked, cutting your company’s administration time even further.

Don’t settle for anything less than excellence. Choose the Seiko QR395.


  • Calculation of hours worked for up to 100 employees
  • Optional backup battery to ensure functionality during power cuts
  • Weekly/bi-weekly/monthly setting options
  • Set and forget functionality – no need for management input
  • Able to calculate total hours work, reducing administrative workload
  • Bar-coded time cards prevent over stamping
  • Automatic card feeding and ejecting
  • Automatic BST/GMT changeover
  • 12/24 hour program and list printing settings
  • The backup battery provides three years’ data and setting protection