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Fingerprint System

Use Biometrics to provide accurate logging

Purchase one Fingerprint System Package – £599.00 + VAT

12 Month’s Unlimited System Support – £225.00 + VAT

NOW we have found a system that we can trust! With software that is easy to use and produced for the UK. The UK’s most reliable “Fingerprint Clocking in System” Using Fingerprint and Pin Entry technology at the very best price.

Time Express is an electronic clocking-in system, comprising of a wall-mounted clocking terminal and PC-based software. Simply define each of your daily/weekly work patterns and the easy-to-use software will calculate the most complex of overtime rules. Replace labourious, manual, ‘pen-and-paper’ calculations with this automated, ‘total-hours-worked’ solution to improve efficiency and reduce human error. Implementing Direct Time Express will save you time and money.

  • Software designed and manufactured in the U.K.
  • Specifically for U.K. working practices i.e. Shift times, Grace times, Rounding rules, Break rules & Overtime calculations.
  • Be wary of software written outside the U.K. as in our experience they struggle with U.K. shift rules.
  • The complete in a box Time & Attendance solution for small to medium size companies


  • Complete 75 Employee Capacity
  • Time Clock Package, (Upgradeable to 150 employees)
  • Hardware & Software Included
  • Plug and Play Simplicity & Multi terminal capability

What you get

  • One Proximity terminal
  • U.K. Power supply
  • USB Dongle & Software